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Highly creative and innovative as Production Designer and Maker, I constantly seek to challenge myself and broaden my skills. Adept at filmmaking, performance art, installation art, interactive storytelling and extended realities, I am passionate about exploring the cross-disciplinarity of art and technology, creating thought-provoking projects. Skeptical about the use of technology, I am committed to bridge the physical with the virtual.

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XR Theater Experience that Combines Virtual Reality with Tactile Interactions.

What is happening to your physical body when it goes virtual? How many bodies can you own?

Creative Director | Production Designer | XR Experience Maker | Physical Bodies Cast Maker | XR Experience Host


Interactive Mixed Reality Experience that Combines Virtual Reality with Physical Kinetic Sets.

In a world made of flesh and gears that demands more than you have to give, what are you willing to sacrifice?

Director | Art Director | Production Designer | Physical Model Maker | 3D World Modeler | Texture Artist

Interactive Full-Scale AI Sound Installation

What does a gigantic red balloon sound like? An Interactive AI Installation that uses machine learning, color and shape recognition.

Art Director | Mixed Reality Experience Creator.

Experimental Short Fashion Film - Video Performance

An audiovisual experiment on the relations between light and material, material and garment, garment and body, performance and shooting, real and pretended self.

Director | Writer | Producer | Production Designer | Costume Designer

Squeaking House

Experimental Short Stop-Motion Animation

An optical experiment on the interactions between different lighting conditions, sound effects and the subconscious. Inspired by Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s, “Angel’s Game” and the Art Nouveau Movement.

Director | Production Designer | Director of Photography | Model Maker

Award Winning LGBTQ Short Film

Konstantinos lives free in a body he chose. Vasilis returns at the family house for a new beginning. A past between two brothers whose mother dissociated. The box opens, find what's inside.

Writer | Art Director | Production Designer | Costume Designer

Fake Time Performance __ Room I

1 Hotel, 7 Floors, 42 Rooms, 23 Performers

Do you choose the life you live or does itchoose you? Events unfolded simultaneously in a horizontal and vertical pattern throughout the Hotel. Time is passing by making it impossible to follow every storyline.

Scenographer | Installation Artist

International Music Festival

For two consequent years I collaborated with “DIMOFELIA”, Kavala’s Public Benefit Organization, developing the festival’s aesthetic, a modern yet colorful manifestation of the variant cultures.

Art Director

Upcycling Artwork

Aiming at sustainability, Mantility Dresses explores the way an artwork already converted into a piece of clothing, can be further processed.

Art Director | Concept Designer

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